The Party For The People

Macworld Expo 2004 saw my first Party For The People: a party where everyone was welcome, no one had to worry about landing an invitation, and people held real converstations without stepping outside and freezing. Now it's time for the next party thanks to our great sponsors.

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The 2005 Banner:

To let people know about the party and to thank the sponsors, a 12x3 banner will hang in the entry of the Parc55, then moved up to the lounge for the party.

This banner is likely to be different from any other banner you've seen so far. It's a photographic process, an impressive new technology, printed by

Sponsors are also invited to take advantage of a very special pricing offer for their own banners.



The Announcement:

Each Sponsor's booth will sport a party notice and we'll have hand-out "invitations" too, to help everyone find the party.

The Press Release

Looking into Macworld Expo parties to make your expo experience fuller?
Wondering if you’ll be able to obtain any coveted tickets?
Thinking of coming to the expo but worry that you don’t know anyone yet?
Coming but not sure what you’ll do in the evenings?

Author Deb Shadovitz,
    with the help of some really cool vendors have a great party for you...

The 2nd Annual Party For The People

Party 2004On Tuesday, January 11 2005, the first night of the show, starting at 8pm we'll hold our second annual organized hang-out in the elegant, yet cozy Piazza Lounge of our hotel.

It's a chance for you — whether old-timer or first-timer — to get to know fellow attendees, meet vendors on a non-business level, meet some of your favorite Mac authors, and become more connected to the Mac community.

Come mingle with some of the authors whose words have helped you with your Mac over the years. It’s a great opportunity to meet authors such as Shelly Brisbin (your co-hostess for the evening), Randy Singer (legal guru), Scott Knaster (iPod expert), Daniel M. East (MacDesign), Benjamin Levisay (font geek), Dan Frakes (MacFixIt), Jeff Carlson (TidBits), Peter Cohen (game pro). And Deb, your hostess, of course.

We also have a lot of non-loud, acoustic music for you. All by Mac folks. Early in the evening, Chris Breen (of and Macworld) has promised to “noodle on the house piano in a non-offensive way.” He’ll also be joined by Paul Kent (yes, the guy who sets up your expo conference sessions) and Dave Hamilton (the Macobserver). Later on Andy Ihnatko (the Chicago Sun Times and Macworld) will sing a few of his classic numbers by the piano. We’ll also have the left coast neo-celtic folk music of Elisa Welch (formerly of MacUser) on piano or mandolin. We’ll also hear Jeannie Novak, fresh from her all-day Macworld Expo workshop as she plays and sings original material — and improvises. :)

Andy Inhatko sings at Party 2004What about food and drinks, you ask? Don’t come without having dinner first, but we’ll serve some hot hors d'oeuvres throughout the evening. The lounge's bar will be staffed for a no-host bar that includes drink specials so you can enjoy fun drinks at great prices.

It’s also a chance to test your Mac industry knowledge in a trivia contest complete with prizes. (Tip: get to know our sponsor’s products.)

So far we have these fabulous folks helping make this a reality, adding to our trivia contest, coming to meet you, and feeding you.

  • Unsanity —
    Unsanity's hacks — "haxies" as we call them — extend Mac OS X by providing additional features old-time Mac users miss. Get your Apple menu back, Windowshade again, group your fonts, and so much more. Easy to use. Easy to afford.
  • OWC logoOtherWorldComputing —
    Figuring out what you need put into your Mac is a cinch at OWC's site. Then they go on to make it simple to buy and as easy as possible to afford. Ram, drives, burners, batteries... all here. Plenty of other stuff too.
  • GeeThree —
    Make your iMovie movies into masterpieces with GeeThree's SLICK transitions and effects. Effects and transitions once available only in expensive and complex editing programs. Very affordable. Professional quality. Easy to use.
  • RadTech LLC —
    RadTech designs, manufactures and OEM's innovative, high-tech accessories that are practical, durable, rugged, functional at environmental extremes and lightweight. From Bluetooth mice to the plastic dots that protect your PowerBook or iBook to the tools to open your PowerBook properly. 
  • Runtime Labs logoRuntime Labs —
    Software for programmers by programmers. MacSQL and MacSQL Framework makes it easier to develop your SQL databases and to integrate them with Cocoa and AppleScript.
  • SMART Technologies —
    The world leader in interactive whiteboards. SMART products provide the tools groups need to access and share information whenever they meet, teach, train and present. Present. Collaborate. Share the visualization.
  • DriveSavers —
    For nearly 20 years DriveSavers has been doing what others deem impossible, recovering data from drives whose damage may shock you. When the worst happens to your computer and hard disk, and you need your data turn to the best for data recovery. Every drive and media manufacturer authorizes and recommends DriveSavers Data Recovery so their recovery work doesn't void your original warranty.
  • DealMac —
    The definitive guide for finding deals on Mac hardware and software. Proprietary search agents, expert editorial
    research, and reader submissions make it possible for to point us to shopping news for all things Mac. Sister sites like DealNews cover us for just about everything else!
  • FileMaker Inc —
    Pro 7: the #1 database easy-to-use database software. Server: High-performance server software. Mobile 7: Database software for your PalmOS & PocketPC handhelds.
  • Future Sonics —
    Think your iPod sounds great with its standard ear pieces? Wait'll you hear it with FutureSonics ear pieces! Check out this offer. FS also makes the custom ear pieces that so many professional musicians use in concert and for recording.
  • Insider Software —
    FontAgent Pro enables you to take full control of your Mac's fonts, create sets, view samples, turn fonts off and on. Workgroup sharing without a server!
  • MacAddict magazine — — the coolest Mac magazine.    
  • MacSpeech —
    iListen voice command software lets you control virtually any Macintosh application and dictate your text instead of typing. Library packs enable you to do medical dication, legal dictation, and more.
  • MaMUGs —
    The Mid-Atlantic Apple and Macintosh User Groups Team. MaMUGs is an excellent, free source of support for Mac User Groups. It exists to encourage cooperation, camaraderie, collective events and support for user groups.
  • Peachpit —
    Peachpit has been publishing friendly, straightforward Mac how-to guides since 1986 when the whole operation was based out of one guy's house. Choose from step-by-step techniques, task-based quick references, project-based tutorials, comprehensive references, and inspirational and instructional showcases of top new-media artists and designers.
  • prosoft engineering logoProsoft Engineering —
    Prosoft's line of software keeps your data safe, helps you back up, and (hopefully) saves your butt when you don't back up or maintain your Mac.
  • Rainmaker —
    Rainmaker is, (always was) the name of the folks behind SpellCatcher. Since we lost our beloved C&G, Rainmaker has had the title back on its own and has taken over its own marketing. Remember what it was called before SpellCatcher? SpellCatcher is a dictionary that's universal across of your apps. It's also a Thesaurus and shortcut tool. Powerful.
  • SmileOnMyMac —
    Pagesender fax software for full-featured faxing so you can manage and automate your faxes. PDFpen enables you to edit split, combine, or reorder you PDF files, as well as augment them with text, image overlays & watermarks. More products too.
  • Startly Technologies (formerly CE) —
    The company name has changed but the power of QuicKeys hasn't. QuicKeys creates shortcuts that will automate your repetitive tasks with custom hot keys, toolbars, and timers. And you've got to try watching a DVD in TransLucy.
  • —
    An iPod is a work of art. The Pod Shield protects it transparenlty so you can let your friends (and yourself) handle it without cringing over fingerprints. (And it's made in NYC, Deb's home town.
  • MYOB —
    Business management & accounting software that lets you focus on your business. FirstEdge for 1 or 2 person businesses. AccountEdge for larger business needs.

With special thanks to for the party banner.

Party Summary

Here's the recap for you to cut, paste, and bring to San Francisco. You can also see the announcement at any of our sponsor's booths or at  


The Party For The People
Produced by Deb Shadovitz with the help of friends
Thanks to some cool vendors


A hotel lounge in San Francisco, CA


Tuesday, January 11th, 2005 from 8pm until you cry uncle.


Because there’s just not enough time in a week of exhibit hours to meet and socialize with so many cool vendor folks, attendees, Mac authors, and fellow attendees.


Just show up wearing your Macworld badge.


Cash bar with drink specials, hot hors d'oeuvres throughout the evening as long as they last.

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