Mac Mingle 2008 — a party during Macworld Expo 2008

    and the Mac Podcaster Meetup

Two great events in one convenient (and fun) location.

In 2004 I created a brand new type of Macworld Expo part -- a real party where all attendees were welcome and you didn't need to waste critical expo time hunting down a secret invitation or pay to attend. From 2004-2007 I called it the Party For The People. In 2007 I joined forces with MacCast's Adam Chrisitanson and we called our new party Mac Mingle.

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The Events!

First, Adam brings you the Mac Podcaster Meetup, then the party begins!           

Thursday, January 17, 2008
That's the Thursday of Macworld Expo



Mac Podcaster Meetup — 6pm - 8pm
Mac Mingle — around 8:15pm - 11:59pm


Our Great Sponsors!

Mac Mingle is being made possible by the following sponsors:


Some Photos

(I don't have time to take photos, so I rely on others to send me the many photos they have taken.)


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