Mac Mingle 2007 — a party by Deborah Shadovitz, held during Macworld Expo

In 2004 I created a Macworld Expo party of my own invention — a party where all Macworld Expo attendees were welcome and you didn't need to waste critical expo time hunting down a secret invitation or pay to attend. From 2004-2007 I called it the Party For The People. In 2007 I joined forces with Adam Chrisitanson and we called our new party MacMingle.

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Our official web page for 2007 was at

Here's the link to the official promo page for the 2007 Mac Mingle.

Our 4' x'8' banner

This is 4th Street coming to the corner of Howard. This banner was seen by the crowds as they lined up for the Macworld Expo Keynote. It was also seen by many an attendee walking to the expo.


This is Howard Street, near the corner of 4th, across from the carousel.


The banner in detail, is at the bottom of this page, after the party photos.

Our 2-sided postcard
handed out on the show floor, in the User Group Lounge, and by attendees.

Some Photos!

(If you took any photos at the Mac Mingle, I'd love to have them!)

Notice this huge video wall? The video that was playing on each side is below on this page.


The Side Video

This video played on each side of the main video throughout the evening.

Thanks to QuickTime Pro, this will be delivered to you for the right format for the web, for the iPhone on wi-fi, or for the iPhone on Edge.

This video was produced by Adam Christianson, the man behind MacCast. (He did a great job!)


The Banner in Detail

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