Special Events

Over the years I've produced, or help produce, a variety of special events. FIrst, some events in NYC for the UJA/Federation while I worked there. Then MacFairLA and other Mac events while on the Board of Directors for the Los Angeles Macintosh Group. And then on my own in LA and San Francisco.

The Party For The People & MacMingle

The Party For The People was the start of a new Macworld tradition: every attendee was invited! I did this party in 2004, 2005, and 2006, then changed locations and changed the party name to Mac Mingle. You can see a bit about the MacMingle 2007, MacMingle 2008, and MacMingle 2009 on my site and also at


Thanks to Chris Bastian (lower left) & Sam Levin (Inside Mac host) for these photos.
And to Mark Hartman, Shelly Brisbin, and Morgan McLean for all the help.


The MacGathering™ is a somewhat annyal Macintosh expo complete with seminars and events. Thes photos are from the first one in 2003. I also held the MacGathering in 2005 and 2006.
The official site for the MacGathering is



When an opportunity to use a local studio came up, I created an event around the space and my dream for MacDayLA was born. However, the space didn't work out as some of us had hoped, so MacDayLA must evolve. You can learn about it at


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