Deborah Shadovitz' Resume

Specialties: Macintosh computer use; using email and web; word processing; writing just about anything
Location: Los Angeles, California; available to travel
If you're interested in hiring me, you can click to write to Deb-at-Shadovitz-dot-com

Available for: writing (tech and general publications, corporate writing), speaking (in person or on the radio), training/teaching, or as a guest expert.


Once in a while, I've been called upon for a quote in a publication. This has included the LA Times and LA Daily News. You can see these on this page.


Writing - non-technical

I actually did a lot more writing for this publication. Photography, too.

Writing About Mac & Web (Only 1993 - present shown here)

Speaking Engagements

  • MacRadio — The Mac Night Owl LIVE: The Night of Panther
  • Various seminars at Macworld Expo east and west for several years.
  • Macworld Live, broadcast from Expo show floor, January 1998 - July 2001 (event ended)
  • Various seminars at the annual MacFair LA 1995 - 1998
  • User Group presentations in various locations, covering many topics
  • Computer Radio - KSKA FM 91.1 in Anchorage, July 1999
  • Other radio shows local to LA as well
  • World Without Borders chats, multiple "appearances"

(Fuller listing)

Other Macintosh Related Positions

Computer Solutions Coach, Since 1994
Recommend equipment and software and MacOS solutions for businesses and individuals. Train users in proper, creative, efficient use of equipment and programs. Create forms, databases, mailings and other tools. Here's a list of partial list of past and present clients:

  • Universal Studios: many divisions, training in basic Mac, FileMaker, Word, and Excel
  • Wells Fargo: training in basic Mac and Word
  • FedEx: Two FileMaker databases including a National Sales Database
  • FatBurger: databases in AppleWorks
  • a Santa Monica Blvd bookstore: sales and customer database (still in use since 1994)
  • Khera - clothing design: all facets of Mac support
  • Magic Bob Weiss: website design and maintenance. I created this site 1997-1999. Interestingly, this does so well for Magic Bob that he doesn't want the updated design I offered him.
  • Digital Media Marketing Organization (DMMO): website design, writing and maintenance
  • Divorce: the musical website
  • MacGathering™ event, website with online registration. This is my own event. I created the event, the logo, the press releases, the FileMaker Pro databases, and the website.
  • Full Fashions For Less, retail clothing website (no longer up as the owner passed away)
  • San Gabriel Macintosh User Group website (now done by someone else as a blog)
  • David W. Streets ~ Fine Art Gallery & Contemporary Art & Photography Gallery on Santa Monica Blvd in Beverly Hills. Updated David's initial design July 2009 to make the site work better for him on the web. (This site is no longer live as David passed away.)
  • LA Scriptworks, a website for a service to help screenplay and teleplay authors. If you write you have to see the greatness behind this. This site in no longer up as the project was dropped.

Project Coordinator, United Jewish Appeal/Western Region
Originated and produced Great Ideas, a creative exchange to decrease redundancy and increase creative efficiency for 29 Federations.
Designed format and materials.
Handled all production.

Macintosh Instructor, Signal Hill Elementary School
Created unique family-oriented program to make the Mac a comfortable tool for parents.
Used ClarisWorks to introduce business skills; incorporated English literacy and more

Other Positions

  • Palm Evangelist, June-September 2003
    I regularly visited Staples, Best Buy, Office Depot and Office Max as the Palm Expert to help customers learn about the various Palm Handheld devices. Placed signs in each store to let them know when I’d be there. Often arrived to find customers waiting. Wrote custom tutorials to show and teach the Macintosh user's experience with the PalmOS, posting them on this website to help potential clients and fellow program participants.
  • Computer sales, SOS Computers, LA
    Specialized in broadcasting & graphics. Loved and sold many Amiga computers due to their excellent ability to suit broadcasting needs. Sold the Apple IIgs to home users. Sold DOS clones, and then Macintosh computers once I realized their power.
  • Computer sales, Inacomp Computers, Costa Mesa
    Sold Macintosh, IBM, and Compaq computers, depending upon the customers’ primary needs. Acquired vaious certifications.
  • Authoring, Editing, & Layout, Lakeshore Learning Materials, R&D Dept
    Edited teacher's guides to ensure teachers could follow the projects with their own students.
    Contributed ideas, features, and activitie to various projects.
    Wrote guides on my own.
  • Substitute Teacher
    Obtained at California certification (CBEST) to teach as a sub in various school districts in the Long Beach and Orange County areas. Taught all subjects and levels of public schools from kindergarten to high school psychology, specializing in art, English, and computers; was a Preferred Sub at several schools.

    My favorite teaching tool were photos of my world travels. I used them to engage children to show them how the things they were learning, such as fractions, really will matter in the real world. The photos and discussions also showed them a world existed outside of their closed world and that they were welcome in it and could seek it. Happily, parents and staff told me they felt I really did help change some lives for the better.
  • Software Instructor/Demonstrator, Prodigy Services — before the web
    Before the web came along and before the internet was public, Prodigy was a brilliant addition to our lives. With it, we could email to friends around the world, share files, and learn. While selling computers at Inacomp, I disovered and loved Prodigy. Their rep liked how I showed it to customers and asked me to come work for them. I showed it to customers who came into various Orange County, CA and New York and New Jersey stores and in special seminars as well. I introduced the concept, explained how it worked, and familiarized people with Prodigy's features, not necessarily in that order.
  • Program Coordinator
    Developed and implemented daily programs for a special high school program.
    Researched and arranged unique events and speakers.
    Facilitated internships and externships.
    Taught students to handle responsibilities.
  • Public Relations Specialist, UJA-Federation of New York, NYC
    Helped create thematic events, awards, educational programs.
    Created/produced audio, video, audio-visual programs.
    Set up some of these shows and other visual exhibits at the locations of events.
    Scheduled and maintained equipment. Redesigned libraries, scheduling, and payment systems.
    Designed recording studio.

Other Job Experience (Sales, Broadcasting)

  • Department Manager, A&S Department Stores, Manhasset, NY
    (Managed the Santa Claus photo studio.)
  • Department store clerk and cashier, Fortunoff, Westbury, NY
    Deborah Shadovitz as an engineer at WFSB-TV
  • Engineer, CBS affiliate WFSB-TV, Hartford, CT
    I was pretty much just out of college, working as a summer relief engineer.
    As the "first" female engineer the "men" sabotaged me more than daily, but I persevered.
    When asked to stay on permanently, I turned the job down to work in NYC.
    The summer was quite an education though.
  • Various freelance video production positions in New York City
    (Most interesting moment: stage managing Phil Donahue for a NAPTE event.)
  • Printed circuit board assembly, summer job, Melville, NY
  • Various summer jobs working on assembly lines, in shipping, and doing secretarial and switchboard, NY

Most Unique Life Experience

Traveled much of the world for 3 years. Stayed with families. Visited schools, TV stations, and businesses. Wrote travel articles and did slide presentations. I even drew up a business plan for a Turkish boat owner/captian - on a napkin.
Prior to this, I did some other travelling such as a month in Israel/Egypt and another trip to Europe.)
You can see my entire travel section — Intro, Resources and Photos — via the menus on the left.


Syosset High School, Syosset, NY — Regents Diploma, honors in Art and English
A note: I actually "majored" in Art and Engish started at age 12 in 7th grade. My Jr High provided opportunity for a "Three Year Sequence" from grades 7-9, enabling us to select studies of desired focus. Art, as it turned out, included film and video.
A 9th grade school newspaper article won a 1st-place rating from the Columbia Press Association competition, and was published nationally as best example.
In High School, my book report on "The Ransom of Red Chief" was, instead, a newspaper article.
Studying The Crucible, a dramatization landed me a sentence to be "hung from the goalposts of our football field at high noon." Happily we ended our trail with the sentencing.

State University of New York, College at Oswego — BA: Communication Studies major, TV and Radio and an A/V minor
Worked on both the state TV productions and the student TV station.

  • Adobe Certified Training Provider, GoLive
    (GoLive has been discontinued)
  • Adobe Certificate Expert (ACE), GoLive
    (GoLive has been discontinued)
  • CBEST (California Teacher's Credential)
  • Sales certifications from and Compaq & Apple Computer
  • Certificate programs for video editing and computer sales/usage proficiency.
  • NABET (Nat'l Assoc of Broadcast Engineers & Technicians) local 15, NYC, awarded 1981
  • 3rd Class Radio Broadcasting License (NYC, achieved in 10th grade)


Literary Agency


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