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If you miss the huge LA user group meetings of old, the LAMG's original MacFair LA and its amazing volunteer-driven team, or the great LAMG class deals, read this page. With the help of some of those same great volunteers, I'm trying to bring those things back to LA, but our team needs to hear from interested people in order to make it happen.

Intro & History

In my early Mac years I learned about the Mac on my own, with a friend, and on jobs. But the real fun started when I joined the Los Angeles Macintosh Group, attending its downtown meetings with 400+ fellow Mac users of all ages from all walks of life.

The LAMG's large meetings attracted many vendors who found great value in coming to us. Engineers or programmers frequently joined sales managers on our stage. Unfortunately, the cost of an infrastructure to support 5,000 members was greater than the collective dues. The LAMG declared bankruptcy 1999. It's name and assets were purchased by a private individual. The great volunteer structure is no more and there are no more fabulous meetings.

In the years since the LAMG's demise, I've continued to work for the Mac community, speaking at area groups whenever invited as an author, trainer, or speaker. People continue to request the large meetings and well-priced classes of yore.

I'm still searching for a location that will again permit affordable, large Mac meetings.

  • If you are an Apple product related vendor that wants the return large meetings that attract people from all ends of LA, let me know in an email please.
  • If you're a Mac user and would like to attend large meetings, let me know with an email!
  • If you have a location you'd like to donate, please send me an email to tell me.

Classes & Class Schedule

Public classes: In addition to meetings, my associates and I present centrally located public classes at times. When I do, they will be listed here.

Private classes: My associates and I also do personalized groups by request. For a personalized class, get a group of 10 people together and provide the location and projector. Please let me know what topic you're like covered, what you'd like to learn, and what date(s) you have in mind. I'll let you know if it's viable for me or an associate.

Of course, you're also welcome to hire me for private training. If I'm not right for you, perhaps an associate is.
Contact me via email to discuss your needs if you're interested in this.

Just a note to tell you that I thoroughly enjoyed your introductory course to OS X. It was like a good movie that you would like to see over and over again because of important gems....
Stan H


Just wanted to let you know that both Sue and I enjoyed the class Saturday. Both of us walked away with more information and Sue with a desire to get into her Mac more and me wanting to purchase a new one. I'm still going to wait until 2005, though I am so hungry to use OS X.
Thank You,


Thanks for a wonderful afternoon, Deb. I learned an awful lot!


Great OSX presentation today....I will be re-reading my notes tomorrow, along with the handouts. One useful tidbit I learned from you today.... I hope you were able to convince the Windows user in today's group into deserting from the "other side."


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