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Deborah is one of those freelancers that every editor treasures: someone whose work is accurate, polished, and thoroughly thought-out and fact-checked.
If Deb makes a claim, comment, or statement in an article, you don't have to spend your own sweet time fact-checking it — it'll be correct.
Believe me, when editing a technical, detail-filled article, the ability to fully trust that your author has done her homework is a great feeling.
Thanks, Deb.”
- Rik Myslewski, Editor-in-Chief of MacAddict magazine 2001-2006

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My Writing Focus

Deborah Shadovitz, Meet the Authors

Since around 1993 I have specialized in writing about how to use Apple's Macintosh, the internet and web, and software (Mac & Windows). My travel and teaching background meld with my writing skills to provide a unique perspective that provides clear understandings. When you need words that make computer-use easy to understand, or to clarify issues concerning computers and the internet, please consider me.

In 2007, I also officially entered the general lifestyle writing arena. I love the Mac and I love tech, but there's so much more I wanted to be out doing. This also gave me the opportunity to write about travel again.

If you need a piece on travel perhaps I can help. As you'll learn on my travel pages, I traveled like few Americans ever do, living within cultures of the world. I've also lived and worked in several states as an adult, and crossed the US on my own 2½ times.

Other words written? Ask.
I also love rising to the challenge of helping people find the right words for any legitimate message someone needs to impart. I'll give you an honest answer about what I can do for you.

...I truly respect your writing. When I sit down to read a book by you, I know I'm going to understand what I'm reading, almost as if you were sitting right in front of me teaching me (as hokey as that sounds, it's true!). Thanks for being such an awesome writing and making my Mac experience all the richer because of your skill.
- Charley Tiggs, Consultant

My Experience

Online Publications

Review: Adobe Dreamweaver C5.5, October 2010

MacCreate- contributing writer, 2010

  • Add Your Own Widgets to Your iWeb Website
  • Adding Lines and Arrows in Pages
  • Copy and Paste Image Styles in Pages
  • Floating Text Boxes on a Word Processor Page in Pages
  • Introducing Pages Shapes
  • Introducing the Mighty Morphing Shapes in Pages
  • Layer Order in Pages
  • Masking Images With Shapes
  • Matching Colors Between Documents
  • Rotating Objects in Pages
  • Using Pages Instant Alpha Tool
  • Wrapping Text Around Images in a Pages Word Processing Document, Mac Efficiency 101 column, Nov 1998 - March 2001
  Weekly column.    Magazine cover featuring article by Deborah Shadovitz Travel article, Laguna Beach, by Deborah Shadovitz

Magazine & Newspaper

Valley Life magazine - contributing writer
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Valley Life magazine - Editor and author
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Macworld magazine (print) & website
Note: Some of these Macworld items appeared in print as well as online.

Mac|Life magazine (formerly MacAddict), Contributing Editor
  ~Learn: The Ins and Outs of RAM - January 2008

MacAddict magazine, Contributing Editor, contributing since March 2002

  • Sync Your Mac! - December 2005
  • 4th Annual Geek Quiz, 26-31 - September 2005
  • 46 Bugs (and How to Squash Them), p16-27 - August 2005
  • Get Info column commentary, User Groups - October 2004
  • Unlock iLife feature- May 2004
  • Panther: Worth Every Penny- Jan 2004
  • Be Prepared: Disk Utilities Explained - March 2003
  • The Truth, Mac vs PC - December 2002
  • Review of ThinkFree Office - November 2002
  • Software on The Cheap - September 2002

Picked your Mac Addict issue and it is phenomenal!!!
You did it up most righteously.
~Michael D. Mccarty, Storyteller

SBS Digital Design, first feature October 2004

O'Reilly Network, GoLive features, since March 2002

Mac Design magazine, (now Layers) Columnist covering GoLive How-to, Tips and Q&A, along with misc news and features for the entire run of the magazine (except it's first month) from 2001 - 2005.

ComputerUser monthly newspaper format, Contributing Editor, June 1998 - Dec 2000

NetProfessional magazine: Feature writer, 1997

MacHome Journal magazine: features & graphics, 1996

The International Assignment, travel newsletter: travel tips, 1987

LAM, London's Alternative Magazine: NYC travel feature, 1986

Deb's Office 98 Bible Deb's GoLive Bible


Adobe GoLive 5 Bible, December 2000 (Award-winning)

AppleWorks For Dummies, Coauthored, April 1999

Macworld Office 98 Bible (Award-winner), June 1998

I'll make it easy for you. If you use GoLive 5 for web design, go buy a copy of Debbie's book. Whatever you pay for it, you'll get it back many fold.

If there's one thing I do recommend Adobe should do: bundle Debbie's book to complement your manuals! Combined they will make a very nice package.
-Review by Rockland PC Users Group (continued)

ClarisWorks Office For Dummies, Nov 1997

Contributed to a few other books including:

  • 50 Water Adventures To Do Before You Die!
    Behind-the-scenes contributor for the Transit the Panama Canal Adventure
    UK & Kindle release: September 11, 2014
    US release: March 2015
  • My iMac Book by Andy Gore et al.
  • iMac & iBook: I Didn't Know You Can Do That
  • Acrobat Master Class by Pattie Belle Hastings.
  • Internet: The Complete Reference, 2nd edition,
    by Margaret Levine-Young.
Deb's books displayed at Borders Books

Deborah is a resourceful and highly gifted writer who empowers the users to maximize the use of programs like Microsoft Office.
-Jeffrey Glettner, Computer Consultant


  • Lakeshore Learning Materials: Many guides, 1994
  • On Guard Administrator's Guide, 1995
  • WebFM manual, 1996
  • Lessons and user guides for clients


Your writing style is excellent - very simple, no $20 words, cuts to the chase, no going off on tangents.
We appreciate that. It saves precious time we can spend on other things.
-Charles A. Rabalais, CPC; President, Information Technology Consultants


American Youth Hostel, Santa Monica, CA: created & authored travel faire materials

UJA-Federation, NYC, NY: Designed & authored brochures and marketing material.
(Also created audio/visual materials and helped with seasonal themes.)

JIA, London, England: marketing material

Tour boat, Bodrum Turkey: marketing material

Jewish Center, Sydney Australia: marketing material

Board of Jewish Deputies, Sydney Australia: marketing material

Chiropractic Center, Sydney Australia: marketing material

PR firm, Hobart, Australia: marketing material

Life Off Campus Organization, Oswego, NY: educational material


How to contact me for writing

If you're interesting in having me write a piece or column for you, please send a writing request.
Please let me know what you have in mind, what your resources are, and your timeframe.

PS: My resume also provides details on some of these jobs.


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