Kudos — a sampling of compliments I've received

It still feels odd to repeat compliments. But, as people point out, it's one of the best ways for you to get to know me. So... here are a few of the kudos (praise) I've received. There's more, on my Speaker page and Author page.

May 2015 (words from a rabbi I helped with his LinkedIn profile)
"Now, that's looking nice! I didn't think about listing all of that."
~Rabbi M, Israel

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February 12, 2013 (unsolicited recommendation posted to by a woman who hired me)
"Deb Shadovitz is creative, hard-working, highly knowledgeable, and dedicated. An extraordinary mix of left-brain/right-brain talent, Deb is as expert at website technology as she is at writing and editing content, whether for the web or traditional publications. She is highly trustworthy and dependable, and it would be a pleasure to work with her on any project."
- Roberta Edgar

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Nov 28, 2007 (posted on Linked In, by a fellow Mac group leader, guru, author)
As an author, presenter, consultant and expert in technology design and Apple products, Deborah Shadovitz has the ability to speak "to" people, not "at" them. Her logical approaches to her work and the information she conveys demystifies the geek-speak and makes her audience feel very comfortable and providing a feeling that they, themselves, can do this, too. It is always a pleasure to provide for her events as we always hear compliments from all sides about Deb. She is dedicated, knowledgeable and puts her heart into everything she does while maintaining a professional respect for everyone involved with her projects.
Daniel East

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Nov 27, 2007 (via email to a friend, cc'd to me)
I finally spoke to your friend Deb and she is a cMd (certified Macdoll). We spoke at length and a felt as if I were on the couch with my very own Mac shrink. ...


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May 24, 2004 (via email after my first public Intro to Mac (Panther) class)
Thanks for the presentation, My motivation to attend was to get some more familairity with Apples and you did a good job of accomplishing this.

Greg, a PC user

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April 1, 2004 (via email after my March 30th presentation)
I was at the WOCMUG meeting on Tuesday evening. Just wanted to let you know how impressed I was at the knowledge you have about the Mac and how well you presented it. I salute you as a true teacher.
Keep Lynn informed about the classes you will present in the future - maybe I can sign up for one of them.

Andy Allegretti

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March 24, 2004 (posted to a web professionals email list for California)
Just a quickie to say how impressed I am with Deborah Shadovitz: her professionalism and Mac knowledge.
I have a client with a new G4 Powerbook on OS X Panther who needed tech support setting up multiple email accounts using both dialup & ethernet.
Deb expertly and patiently walked him through all the proper settings + various other tips. Thanks, Deb, you really know your stuff!

Deni Mosser, Mosser Design, Los Angeles

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February 10, 2004 (via email after my $99 1-day hands-on GoLive class)
What a big difference you have made in my life. I left work without feeling frustrated for the first time since I met GoLive. Spending a day with you was truly a pleasure. Not only are you enthusiastic, intelligent and a wonderful teacher, you are an absolutely delightful person. Anytime you teach, speak, or make an appearance please alert me....if it is appropriate and possible, I want to be there. You are the best! AND while I'm reading my GoLive Bible, I can hear your voice, it all seems far less intimidating to me now. Thanks sooooooo much.

Plus I'm not dragging stuff around my desktop since you said not to.....I cleaned up my window, a page, that's it...that bit of advise was also golden. (Advice I've been given before, for some reason, I listened to you!)

Your new biggest fan, Janie Sigafoos

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November 11, 2003 (via email after I upgraded his G3)
Dear Deborah,
As a Hawaiian transplant, the path which crossed with Deborah Shadovitz was clearly inspired by the Kahunas.

While upgrading my Macintosh, Deborah has been a thorough and articulate consultant. Watching her yank open the computer and execute the replacement of various parts is reminiscent of a efficient surgeon and observing her buzz through the myriad of levels in the software nooks & crannies is close to magic.

No! It is magic!
My whole hearted appreciation.

~ Troy Smith

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October 14, 2003 (via email after my presentation to his group)
Dear Deborah,

Thank you so much for taking a couple of hours out of your busy, hectic schedule to present "Making Money WithYour Website" to our Macintosh user's group. As you know, presenters can oftentimes be hit or miss — and you and Mario Salinas were definitely a hit.

You came with an outline and a handout, you laid out the options and steps in a logical progression, and you intermixed your own experiences as a recent MacGathering organizer and longtime GoLive guru throughout to keep it real and not just theoretical.

The information you provided was invaluable, saving people hundreds of hours and potentially thousands of dollars in setting up their website to generate a little revenue. I hope others will ask you for this presentation -- you're worth every dollar!

Doan Stafford, Cochair QMUG/LA (

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2/15/2002 (Commenting on my Adobe GoLive 5 Bible)
I LOVED your section on COMPONENTS and I've set up three of them for the new renovation of "WebDesign & Review" — WOW... wish I had gotten into them a lot earlier —would have saved many, many headaches.

Your walk-through had me with working components in just a few minutes. Thanks!

Fred Showker

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November 1, 2001 (posted to a Macintosh list)
I had asked:
>>Does anyone know if you can request receipts when sending Entourage
>>mail, and if so, how it's done?

James S. answered:
> Google says <>

Wow, that is an absolutely thorough answer. Thank you!

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September 7, 2001

I was lucky to meet you last night at the SGVMUG after-meeting when you spoke to Sam and me for a few moments while you made sure everybody got bookmarks. It was a great pleasure and I believe I shall join this MUG though it's further from my home. Your expertise and friendliness clinched my decision.

This morning I made my first Apple Script (just like yours!) [...] I've entered a new world. Thanks!

I'm thoroughly enjoying your website [] and can now profit from your efforts without anymore effort on your part. Every page offers useful information; you've done a marvelous job. It reads like you enjoyed writing it as much as I am reading it.


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July 31, 2000 (About Mac Efficiency 101, after Macworld Expo 2000, NYC)
Hello Deborah :)
We are not acquainted, but my mom and I managed to attend your recent session at Macworld NY. My mom is a relatively new computer user, but she has been learning very fast :) she currently uses a G3/266.

I just wanted to thank you for your entertaining and candid sharing. Your sincerity is what I remember the most about you. I do not know how many more Macworlds mom and I will be able to attend (we live in Singapore, and flew to the Big Apple specially for Macworld), but I just wanted you to know I really do appreciate the good work you do. I know mom does too.

Sincerely, Ken (Kenneth Y. T. Lim)

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May 29, 2000 (via email as I was writing the GoLive 5 Bible)
Deborah "the Xena of GoLive", :-)
Hey, you absolutely *have* to insert that as a extremely super hot tip!!!
No-one finds that out by chance.
-Oliver Zahorka, Developer of GoLive "Actions," OUTactions

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October 7, 1999 (regarding a presentation on browsers and browser tricks)
Thanks again for your presentation at Signal Hill last Tuesday. I have visited your suggested web sites. While may eyes are starting to cross from reading, I am applying some of your tips and tricks. I still remember tube-type AM radios that had to warm up before you could listen to them. My have we come a long ways since then…
Thanks again for you handouts and advice…
Floyd Farrar

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September 13, 1999 (via the GoLive Talk list - responding to my post)

On 9/13/99, regarding " Re: GoLive GREP ", Deborah Shadovitz offered the following:
> Dan, there's nothing like seeing for yourself. Try one. Then select it in Layout
> and switch to Source so you can learn the HTML. Then Preview it and watch the
> result. You'll have all your answers and understanding first-hand. :)

Maybe as good a piece of advice as I have seen on this list in a while. Not to say that there isn't a generally high calibre... but it tends to be instance specific. Deborah's suggestion illuminates the way on the learning curve in a way that spoon-feeding never will.

It's amazing how fast you get semi-comfortable with raw code doing exactly what the above advice proposes. "Try it. Look at it in source. Didn't work? Try something else. Maybe change something in source." In a constant loop till it _does_ work, and you wake up the whole house at 3:30 AM with your whoop of victory!

-A list participant

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May 20, 1999 (via

By cracky, you did it yet again! Taught me, self-appointed thunder lizard of the Mac OS, something I did not know about my favorite operating system... I had never seen the view with the large icons in list view. My jaw was agape. Keep the columns coming. Yours are not only my favorite columns on MacCentral, they are among my most favorite on the entire info stuporhighway. Highly useful stuff.

Regards, Russ

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May 16, 1999 (via
Dear Deborah,
Would you be kind enough to inform me as to whether or not you played any part in the writing of "Appleworks for Dummies"??? If you had no part in it-I will not order it. But if you did, the proverbial cheque's (yes I'm British) will be in the mail to you.
Best... Richard

June 5, 1999 (via
I bought Appleworks 5 for Dummies, and it has helped me a great deal. Thanks. It is absolutely superb...well done indeed!! You certainly deserve fortune and fame. Please keep in touch.

-Richard Segesta, XIBM

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Dec 8, 1998 (via
Thanks for writing the type of article that we never seem to get for the Mac: the well-written, non-patronizing newbie article. I know so many people that simply don't realize basic things about how their computer can be used. I have already emailed your article to one of these (who is always asking me why files get put where they do). One suggestion for an article you might consider writing is an in-depth, Standard File dialog tutorial. None of the first-time computer people I know seems to quite grasp its purpose or its power (which is quite improved with Navigation Services!). Anyway, I guess you can tell I liked your first article?

-Rob Preece, gamma-ray astronomy research scientist

August 26, 1999 (via
Feel free to quote away. I still read every one of your articles (and I'm the Mac guru around here!) and have found many ways to increase my productivity therein.

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March 9, 1999
You are such an enthusiastic, knowledgeable, positive, people person, I really appreciate it when you're in charge. I thank you for getting the Long Beach Chapter out of the docks and taking the wheel when you can or need to, to keep us on course.
J Wilkinson

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February 28, 1998
That was a real good meeting last night. I learned some new tips about Word [98] that I didn't see at Macworld Expo.
-Roger Kroll

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October 22, 1997
Today is the last day for proof 1 on ClarisWorks For Dummies. Just wanted to jot you a quick note to express my appreciation for going above and beyond the call of duty (with the Cheat sheet button bars, for example).
~from my editor

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July 24, 1997
Your eloquence never ceases to impress me :) !
-Steve [regarding a post to the FileMaker Pro email list]


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