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Please visit for the entire show, bios, show facts, and full show notes. This listing is only my role. It's actually not a complete listing. It is missing earier segments, many that were recorded as I traveled from 2011-2013 and well, nearly everything since then. I have much catching up to do. I don't actually post all show topics here.

Wondering how I was able to be part of Computer Talk Radio while I was on the road living out of a backpack?

  • To work "live" I am always recorded via Skype. Other times I upladed files.
  • During my Central America travels, in 2012:
    • From my iPhone 3GS or an original iPad I picked up after being robbed.
    • With the iPad, I used my Blue Microphones Snowflake mic. It's USB, so I used USB connection that Apple's camera connection kit provides. The Snowflake is a great mic, but to make it light enough and compact enough to be backpack travel-able, I had friend Andre take a Dremel to it and I left the heavy metal behind.
    • On my iPhone I used a V-Moda earbud that contained a mic. Holding that little mic right up to my mouth, I was able to record from all sorts of public places from fountains to Wendy's.
    • Sometimes I just spoke into the iPhone as if it was a phone — while it ran Skype.
    • Sometimes I recorded segments on my iPad or iPhone using an iOS recording app called Recorder Plus.
      Among other good things, Recorder Plus allows a user to upload files via Wi-Fi to a computer (great when one was handly) or to send the file via email. It also enabled me to upload the file to Dropbox or to my own servers via FTP Client Pro.
  • In 2014 and 2015 I used an iPhone 4S or MacBook Air.
    • On the iPhone I used an iRig Mic Cast which works via the earphone plug. (iRig has the iRig Mic Field for the Lightning port but my phone was older.) So I could see Benjamin's face and hand signals, I added 3 small extention cables between the headphone jack and the mic.
    • On the Air, I used my Samson Go Mic, a very small USB mic. It comes with a metal clamp to keep it in place on the computer's screen but I took that off, leaveing a very light weight mic. I ccouldn't find a small enough windscreen so I made my own from old pantyhose.
    • To monitor my sound I used Medis by Urbanears — the best earphones I have ever found! I firmly believe all people should use in lieu of in-ear earbuds. Rather than going into yoru ear and pushing sound waves at your ear drum in a partical vacuum — which causes hearing loss — these click into place by filling a tiny tab into the fold of your ear. It's called EarClick. Medis don't fall off and they don't make you deaf! And they are just $49, not some insane $100+ price tag!
  • In 2016 from my iPhone 5S or MacBook Air.
    • I continue to use the same mics and my beloved Medis.

You might notice that these were not the current iPhones and that iPad was ancient. That's one of the great things about Apple hardware; it works for a long time. I opted for an older model iPhone so it would be unlocked for use around the world, would be less theft-worthy, and wouldn't hit my bank account as much if damaged during travel.

Before my travels I also had my Zoom Q3HD Handy Video Recorder to record audio.

Alas, I had to leave my Ear Pollution headset beind due to space.

Deb's November 20, 2016 radio topic: A travel website has a new campaign — to get "girls" to know it's ok to travel alone. So far, I'm good with that. As everyone knows, I promote travel! However... this site's idea is a hashtag: #iTravelAlone. I immediately knew I needed to discuss the reasons why this is in not a wise idea, and how you can spread the word of travel, but safely.

Curious: Here's part of their email:
"The #ITravelAlone hashtag will be used by all solo female travelers out there to encourage other girls to leave their fears behind and let go of misconceptions about how we should travel. We invite you to join the revolution as well by sharing your stories, photos and videos."

[Listen here]

Deb's November 13, 2016 radio topic: Having returned home for a while, I unpacked my old iPod speakers and am able to continues using them even though they are 30-pin connector docks because of a tiny device called WAVEJAMR. It turns any 30-pin iPod speaker into a Bluetooth device! I actually traveled with it too, because it weight virtaully nothing. Unfortunately, I didn't get to download this segment.

WAVEJAMR is actually another helpful creation of the engineer behind RadTech.

Deb's November 5, 2016 radio topic: Lufthansa is the first airline to offer a free service — the ability to send a virtual postcard or post a statue update for free while in flight. It is enabled by Flight Level Media.

[Listen to just this 7 minute segment, here on my site]

2015 shows included:
Taxes and TurboTax
Learning about cables with John Grzeskowiak of Radtch
Report from IFA, a huge consumer show held in Berlin
A travel tip: using generic plug in Apple brick
SIM cards and cell service in Israel
Ecamm's PhoneView app
Deb's best Mac laptop travel protection system: the STM Grip with a Radtech Sleevz

Deb's October 25, 2014 radio topic: Real world would-be disaster drop test report. On the way to see the Dubrovnik sunset, my iPhone missed slipping into my HipzBag and hit the stone path. Before I realized this, having forward momentum, I stepped on the corner of the iPhone. But it was in the NewerTech Nuguard KX case (which can be purchased at Other World Computing) and had a layer of Panzer Glass. Thus, I still have a perfect iPhone!

Deb's July 12, 2014 radio topic: Have you noticed that when you send an email from your iPhone or iPad, you can’t see it in the Sent folder on your Mac’s Mail app? And that if you start an email on your iPhone or iPad you can't see it to complete it on your computer?! This was the topic of that silly iOS Mail settngs default — and how to solve it.

Deborah’s June 7, 2014 Computer Talk Radio segment:
If you’re using Apple’s Contacts app you can save a lot of time by editing it’s Template.
Sounds scary or difficult but it’s not. Recorded in the empty hall of a doctor's office while waiting for an appointment.

Deborah’s May 29, 2014 Computer Talk Radio segment:
Benjamin Rockwell asked me: Deb, what is your biggest concern as you ramp up for travel?
How do you protect your MacBook while it's in your handbag or briefcase, in a suitcase — and also as you're working on it? I discussed the solution I found, which is perfect for all of those situations.

  1. The STM Grip laptop shell is a shock-absorbing hard case that's there for your MacBook at all times.
  2. Before you close the MacBook (or any laptop), laying RadTech's ScreenSavrz under the screen protects the screen from jarring impact.
  3. After you close the MacBook, slipping one of RadTech's RadSleevz stops it from opening in your bag, as well as helping keep it dry and safe.

Here's the info about the STM Grip at STM's site and here's where you can buy the STM Grip from the great folks at RadTech. You can buy RadTech's ScreenSavrz or RadTech's RadSleevz via these links as well. RadTech's ScreenSavrz, by the way, aren't just any sheet of fabric. These guys are meticulous about determining just the right thickness that the ScreenSavrz needs to be for each Mac model. (Unfortunately, there are too many, too-often-changing PC models for RadTech to create the exact thickness for a PC but the ScreenSavrz will still protect.)

[Listen to just this 7-8 minute segment, here on my site]

Deborah’s February 28, 2014 segment:
Recording again from Prescott, Arizona, I dedicated the segment to Sondra, a resident I was helping there — because after cleaning up her Mac and getting it set up beautifully, it was important that she — and all listeners — understand the differences between archiving data, backing up and incremental backups, and cloning.

Deborah’s February 22, 2014 segment:
This week I joined Computer Talk Radio from Prescott, Arizona, having just had a fabulous dinner at The Taj Mahal Indian restaurant on Montezuma St, the block next to town hall.

As one of my good friends is dealing with wrist pain, I gave her a ball-shaped mouse that felt better to her. This feel-better mouse is called the SportsMouse and it's by Sports Mouse, LLC (formerly Jelfin). The ball-shaped mouse has covers that let it look like various balls: Basketball, Golf, Baseball, Tennis and Soccer.

Then I shared some tips on how to select text.

Deb’s February 15, 2014 CTR segment:
We've received our tax forms and it's time to be starting our Federal and perhaps State taxes if we haven't already done so. So, of course, I shared some of my reasons why I like to use a tax program such as TurboTax. For example, whether you have your own business or you receive a W-2 form, having a tax program enables you to plan and to see the what-ifs of your future.

Deborah’s February 1, 2014 Computer Talk Radio segment:
People are always asking me what Mac they should buy so I shared my best computer recommendation.

Deb’s January 11, 2014 Computer Talk Radio segment(s):
We were at CES, discoviering so many new products, improvements on existing products such as the Neat scanning and filing system. I'll be talking about some of the products as the year progresses.

Deb’s December 21, 2014 Computer Talk Radio segment(s):
As Christmas was coming, I gave some suggestions for gifts. Donating to Wikipedia to give us all the gift of knowledge. Giving iTunes gift cards so the recipient can enjoy many a song or app, and think of you with each purchase.

Deborah’s December 7, 2014 Computer Talk Radio segment(s):
What can you do to deal with spam or phishing on iOS? That was my topic of the week.

Deb’s November 30, 2013 CTR segment(s):
This was our Thanksgiving week show and people are starting their Christmas gift buying so I talked about a few of my favorite things. (I don't mention Chanukah because that shopping was over by now.) Here's what I mentioned:

  • Because I love family time, my favorite non computer game: Perpetual Commotion by Goldbrick Games.
  • The Boomer Book of Christmas Memories ( by Vickey Kall — because it is full of memories of a boomer's childhood. It's not really tech but it is available on Kindle. (A link to it at Amazon.)
  • Toddy Cloth — because this is a $10 gift everyone can use. I always have a Toddy Cloth in my handbag or day bag since I met Founder Todd Gabel at CES in 2010. (I took two traveling in
  • 2012.) My favorites are the original 5x7 and the PocketToddy.
  • And finally, CamFind - an iOS7 app to help you shop or do research via your iPhone's camera. We'll be talking a lot more about it in the future as it's visual and audio search.

Deb’s November 16, 2013 Computer Talk Radio segment(s):
We spoke with David Basulto, creator of iOgrapher — a simple tool that turns an iPod into a flexible and easy to use video camera. I'd met Dave prior to this as I first saw hi iOgrapher, and I knew I had to have him on our show. I did this show from inside my car, parked on a street near Leimert Park in LA — with the help of my Sprint LTE connection, which did a great job as always.

Deb’s November 3, 2013 Computer Talk Radio segment(s):
We talked with security man Jeff Goldberg of about 1Password, a password and information storage program available for Mac, WIndows, iOS, and sort of for Android — focusing on what makes it so secure.

Deborah’s October 5, 2013 Computer Talk Radio segment(s):
Michael Muney, co-creator of ACT! joined us to talk about his new Contact management software, VIPorbit.

Deb’s September 28, 2013 Computer Talk Radio segment(s):
Live from the DV Expo, I spoke with Gene Gilbert of G-Technology discussing SSD (Solid State Drives) and how they differ from "regular" spinning drives.

Deb’s September 14, 2013 Computer Talk Radio segment(s):
The new iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C.

Deb’s July 16, 2013 Computer Talk Radio segment(s):

I joined Benjamin to talk about DuckDuckGo, the search engine that has been my search engine of choice since at least early 2011. I am happy that in the wake of the NSA spy scandals, word of it's benefits has grown and it has received good press coverage and massive adoption. This is the link to the week's show.

Deb's July 13, 2013 Computer Talk Radio segment(s):
I shared a number of key tips, shortcuts, and work arounds, and encouraged everyone to explore their computers more, providing tips on how to do that too. You can listen to the entire show from this Computer Talk Radio show notes page.

Deb's July 6, 2013 Computer Talk Radio segment(s):
This week I shared my answer to a question asked by listener Carrie about caching and other settings in her browser. Reload page vs Clear the cache vs Reset safari. Benjamin then turned the table on me, asking me a question about web page programming, and what web browsers I use when creating websites to determine how well the site looks on different platforms.
This show can be heard at this Computer Talk Radio show notes page.

Deborah’s June 26, 2013 Computer Talk Radio segment(s):
I recently had to use the BACtrack smartphone breathalyzer, a tiny handheld Bluetooth device that automatically pairs up to your iPhone 4s or newer (or Android) to read, analyze and report our Blood Alchohol Content level. With the guidance of Keith Nothacre, the man behind the device, I watched my level go up after my first drink, then go up much more after my second. The BACtrack told me when I would be back at the level at which I could drive again so I arranged to have Keith appear on Computer Talk Radio, then spent the rest of the evening walking to and shopping in local stores with my fellow writer-friend Lisa. Days later Keith Nothacre joined me to record this segment and share the news of the BACtrack with our listeners.

Deb’s June 1, 2013 Computer Talk Radio topic:
I spoke about one of my favorite topics — how to put your best foot forward in email. My tips also happen to make your emails easier for most of your recipients all around.

Deb’s May 25, 2013 Computer Talk Radio segment(s):
VOIP — Voice of Internet Protocol — what it is, how we use it.
Mentions: MagicJack app, Skype app, friend using GoogleVoice, me using GoogleVoice. Me using Sprint, Sprint’s relationship with GoogleVoice.
Deborah’s May 18, 2013 CTR segment(s):
How do you feel about people posting photos or videos of you that you don't wish to be seen by the public? How do you feel about people posting videos or photos of strangers caught in ugly poses or embarrassing moments? I don't think it is ok and neither does Ben. This was our discussion.
Just because you can, does not mean you should!
What are parents teaching children?
What are the makers of the cameras encouraging. Sadly, one of the best digital camera makers did the worst harm in this regard.
Deb’s May 11, 2013 Computer Talk Radio segment(s):
I joined Benjamin to discuss some recent claims about Apple, the iPad, and iPhone being killed off by Android. Thanks to the Yankee Group, I was able to let our listeners know that statistics don’t show that, and to explain what I'd already known for years — that claims from many people in the industry are simply not accurate.

Deborah’s May 4, 2013 Computer Talk Radio segment(s):
My story and review of the iStabilizer Mount and Flex, a unit that sets up a flexible tripod for your smartphone. (There is a larger model for the Galaxy Note II.)
I am on from minute 29-35.

Deb’s April 20, 2013 Computer Talk Radio segment(s):
I talked about Twitter and its many uses. (One of its best uses is to get tech support, to find necessary contacts.)

Deb’s April 13, 2013 Computer Talk Radio segment(s):
I joined Benjamin to discuss tax preparation. For example, how I use Microsoft Excel to track expenses all year long to make it easier to pop the totals into TurboTax when the time comes. (I started this method as I was writing the Microsoft Office 98 Bible for IDG Books.)
Deb’s April 6, 2013 Computer Talk Radio topic:
I shared some important things about tax season and some benefits of using TurboTax. I also explained that I don't file my taxes using online methods due to privacy issues.
Deborah’s March 30, 2013 Computer Talk Radio segment(s):
This was an Audience Questions Segment. I answered questions about the iPhone from Andrea, Daniel, and Dawn. The most important being how to know if an email link is safe to click. We also discussed turning the iPhone rotation lock on or off, and the power of the rotation of the iPhone.
Deb’s March 23, 2013 Computer Talk Radio segment(s):
Deb Shadovitz joins Benjamin to discuss how pundits are trying to say what Apple should be doing, where they may be going right or wrong with that advice, and a few insights on where she’d like to see Apple take their ideas further.
Deb's March 16, 2013 Computer Talk Radio segment(s):
I spoke of computer passwords, and how the length can seriously affect your security. I also referenced an online password quality checker: How big is your haystack?
November through March shows still to be listed here, time permitting.

Deb's November 10, 2012 Computer Talk Radio segment(s):
While in Costa Rica, I have been using ICE prepay cellular service. The initial 3,000 colones investment for the sim card included 3,000 colones worth of service. It was a pleasure to report on the setup for the phone and internet service, and on how affordable the service is. (Over 400 texts for a dollar.)

Deb's November 3, 2012 Computer Talk Radio segment(s):
October 31 was a day of promising changes at Apple so I talked about what I like about these changes and what I hope to see from them.

Spending most of my time experiencing new places in Central America, I have not kept up my list of topics here. However, I have continued to do a segment or two each week. Often, these segments have focused on hardware that travels well, or on software for Mac, iPad, and iPhone. I have also talked about my experiences with Ubuntu and a netbook.

Deb's Januay 21, 2012 Computer Talk Radio segment(s):
I couldn't wait to talk about the amazing potential Apple's new iBook apps bring to learning!

Deb's Januray 14, 2012 Computer Talk Radio segment(s):
I missed CES as I was in NYC, so you won't hear me this week.

Deb's January 7, 2012 Computer Talk Radio segment(s):
Old age must have hit. I cannot recall my topic as I update this page.

Deb's December 24, 2011 Computer Talk Radio segment(s):
In light of all the new MacBooks and laptops being given and received for Chanukah and Christmas, I wanted listeners to know about the Kensington ClickSafe Lock.

Also mentioned is the bag I am traveling with to protect and carry my MacBook Air, the STMJjacket Compact Carry Bag for iPad and Laptops. I know this bag via RadTech, a major distributor of STM bags.

Deb's December 17, 2011 Computer Talk Radio segment(s):
I did two segments this week.
In the first, Ben and I talked about the Kensington Wi-Drive, a very slm drive that provides its own wi-fi so you can share what's on the drive with iOS and other devices.

I then spoke about the amazing Kogeto, Dot camera, which captures fully immersive 360° panoramic videos right from your iPhone 4/4S.

In the next segment, I spoke about a small, folding keyboard by Verbatim because it connects to the iPad and other portable devices via Bluetooth and comes in its own small case.

Deb's December 10, 2011 Computer Talk Radio segment(s):
Because of the upcoming gift-giving season, Ben and I discussed purchasing a Mac or other laptop, and then, in a second segment spoke about tablets.

Deb's December 3, 2011 Computer Talk Radio segment(s):
The Dvorak keyboard was the topic of this week's segment. I loved the results of switching to the Dvorak layout, have regretting losing the habit and hope to get back to it. As keyboards don't tend to have the Dvorak keys imprinted, and sadly, Apple doesn't, I mentioned that KB Covers comes to the rescue for us Mac folks with their selection of high quality Dvorak keyboard covers. I LOVE the design of this keyboard cover!

Deb's November 26, 2011 Computer Talk Radio segment(s):
This was a true Mac-only segment. I talked about how to set up the Dock to get better benefit from it. It's not just for launching your apps!

Deb's November 17, 2011 Computer Talk Radio segment(s):
Setting up my new/old Mac for travel and Ben's talk last week about older people using the web inspired this week's segment.
Safari's features for making it easier to read articles online: Reader and Reading List. Also how to add the font-sizing zoom buttons to the menu. Plus a couple of other tips.

Deb's November 12, 2011 Computer Talk Radio segment(s):
I shared the results of my latest search — protection for my computer and electronics so I can enjoy the adventure of water transportation as I travel. Impressed by the facts and honest claims of Sea To Summit, I spent time talking with their Fabric Technology guy and learned enough to feel very comfortable with their products, then worked out he best way to protect my hardware. Have a listen and in 7 minutes learn what it has taken me weeks to learn.

Deb's November 5, 2011 Computer Talk Radio segment(s):
Sharinig another lesson I've learned as I packed all my belongings and planned for travel, I have come to see the value of choosing equipment that uses standard, rather than proprietary, cables and cards.

Deb's October 29, 2011 Computer Talk Radio segment(s):
In response to a listener, Benjamin and I talked about zip files and I explained zipping and unzipping files on the Mac.

Deb's October 22, 2011 (Oct 19) Computer Talk Radio segment(s):
Live from ShowStoppers for the Digital Holidays on the 19th, I presented a 10 minute round-up of a bunch of great digital tools for life and fun. I mentioned: ZeroChroma cases, the Lifeproof waterproof iPhone 4 case, Efun's APen and NextPen Android tablet, for travel,and more.

(First we had a laugh over my major tech travel mess-up — leaving my "tech" back in LA when I flew out!)

Deb's October 15, 2011 Computer Talk Radio segment(s):
I talked about the tech I finally decided to take on the road.

Deb's October 8, 2011 Computer Talk Radio segment(s):
Rather than our planned topic, Benjamin Rockwell and I talked about Steve Jobs, as he'd passed away on Oct 5.

Deb's October 1, 2011 Computer Talk Radio segment(s):
Ah cables... they can get the best of you. They have of me, despite my best planned packing.

Deb's Sept 17, 2011 Computer Talk Radio segment(s):
Durning the heat of the Los Angeles summer I started using a new Western Digital "green" drive. It remained cool to the touch and I never heard it make a sound. So, on this day I talked about the technology behind it and shared my expeirences with it.

Deb's Sept 6, 2011 Computer Talk Radio segment(s):
What to look for when you choose a laptop case. I explained the overall features I seek and why, because I want you to be aware of the issues and benefits. I mentioned three company's bags: STM (distributed by Radtech), Marware, and Timbuk2 — as good examples of some of the features.

Deb's June 7, 2011 Computer Talk Radio segment(s):
For this E3 edition, Deborah talked about her ShowStoppers discover of G5 Entertainment's Supermarket Management, newly out and on the Mac App Store as of June 9. Then she spoke of loving the unique features of Skylanders Spyro's Adventure.

Deborah's radio setup

Deb's May 31, 2011 Computer Talk Radio segment(s):
This week Deborah joined Benjamin Rockwell via Skype on her Snowflake mic and Ear Pollution headset.

She talked about Thunderbolt, the newest, incredibly fast I/O technology, created and sold by Intel. Thunderbolt is now available on the Mac (Apple’s Thunderbolt page) and we expect to see it in a the next Sony Vaio as well. We also mentioned that drives are getting faster, as with OWC’s SSD raid drives and that we’ll talk about Seagate’s new eSATA technology soon.

Deb's May 25, 2011 Computer Talk Radio segment(s):
In honor of Memorial Day, Deborah talked about how families and friends stay in touch with those far away.

Deb's May 14, 2011 Computer Talk Radio segment(s):
Deborah introduced listeners to the Logitech Revue, a GoogleTV device. Deborah uses it as part of a cable-cutting strategy, using it toaccess the web and her own hard drives. Others can use it to integrate cable or satellite TV with the web. She mentioned a free app called tvMobili, that when installed on your computer (Windows/Mac/Linux) streams the multimedia from your own computer. As GoogleTV apps are developed it is expected to do more.
Listen at Computer Talk Radio

Deborah's May 7, 2011 Computer Talk Radio segment(s):
Deborah talked about cutting the cable and receiving over-the-air TV channels with the Leaf, a flat TV antenna for HD TVs. She explained that it has a 6' coaxial cable connection, requires no power adapter, and simply gets taped up on the wall behind any non-metal object. She told us how it pulls in local channels better than any other antenna she's experienced.
Listen at Computer Talk Radio — slide the progress bar to 23 minutes to hear Deb's segments


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