House-sitter: historic or fine homes, Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica...

Travel is great but often it brings up the issue of leaving your home empty.

  • What if you own a valuable home and don't want to leave it vulnerable while you're away?
  • What if you have beloved pets that need care while you're away on your travels?
  • Will your plants or herbs perish as you travel?
  • What if you receive packages or mail to your home while you're away?
  • How will your car's engine fare while you're away from your house?
  • What if your car sits in the same spot for a week or longer?
  • How will a Los Angeles heatwave effect your closed-up home and car?

I can look after your historic or fine home in Los Angeles, in the Beverly Hills - Bel Aire areas, Marina del Rey, Beach towns, in historic West Adams, Palos Verdes, or elsewhere in the Los Angeles area.

I am a responsible, trusted, well-referenced, house-sitter — an adult with experience talking care of my own places, other people's homes, and even managing commerical business properties.

Because I work from home, on my own Macintosh, I am able to house-sit — and to actually be in your home to care for it, not just come in at night and communte to work in the morning.

As a house-sitter, I think. You may leave me a list of everything you can think of — but what of other issues that may arise while you are away from your house or home? If something comes up, I can let you know, contact you and act for you, or do my best in a case when I cannot reach you.

In addition to house-sitting, I can be your Home Office Sitter.

  • An email auto-responder opens you up to spam and doesn't reply in context to your clients and potential clients needs. I have helped small business owners set up pre-written responses and sent them out per instruction.
  • Mail and packages can pile up. I can take your mail and packages in, contact you as needed, sort and place them in safe places.
  • It's great to control your computer remotely, but if it fails to respond, I can be there to help you regain access.

These are not just issues I came up with to worry you. They are actual issues that came up while people I knew have been away. As you visit the other pages on my website, you'll learn that I know my way around computers and tech, and can be trusted to help you with your tech and small business issues while you are away.

I can take care of a home as it awaits sale.

Are you selling your house, needing someone responsible to be there to take care of it? You don't have to worry about me turning into a squatter. I respect ownership and when you're ready for me to leave the house and property, I will leave.

House-sitting locations

I am available for most locations within the immediate Los Angeles area including the San Fernando Valley, the West Valley, (Calabasas, Woodland Hills) Palos Verdes and Southern California's beach towns, Hancock Park and Larchmont, Beverly HIlls, and the Hollywood Hills.

As I have a car and work from my home, whereever that may be, I may also be able to accomodate you in Ventura, Santa Barbara, Carmel and such areas.

References available, of course!

The term is house-sitting, but I know that if you're living in your house, I'm really taking care of the place you call home — not just caring for a house.


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