The Party For The People

In late 2003, I acted on a long-time wish to have a party at Macworld Expo where everyone was welcome and no one had to worry about talking his way into a pass and everyone could hold a real converstaion. I loved the lounge at our hotel so I spoke with hotel and came up with my dream party. This is the stuff from the first party, held January 2004.
~Deb Shadovitz

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The 2004 Banner:

It hung in the entry of the hotel all week, then moved up to the lounge then night of the party.

The Announcement:

The announcement was laminated and put up all the Sponsor's booths as an 8x10.
It was also done as a 1/2 page handout.

The Press Release

Saturday January 3, 2004

Inside Mac Radio and author Deborah Shadovitz
are proud to announce a new Macworld Expo party tradition...

The Inside Mac Radio Gathering - The Party For The People

Do you come to Macworld Expo and find yourself torn between spending your precious expo hours with fellow Mac-folk or learning from all the great vendors and classes? Do you find that often, the moments we have after a party, or finding someone in a hotel lobby are the best "friend" moments? Then we've got a solution for you — a new show tradition.

Spend your time on the show floor learning, yearning, or acquiring, instead of wondering where your next party ticket fix is coming from. Then join Scott and Deborah along with a whole bunch of vendors, authors, programmers, and other friends on Thursday at 8pm at our new kind of party — an organized hang-out in the elegant lounge of our hotel. This is the first of its kind — an invitationless get together open to all badge holders. That's right, all you need to get in is your Macworld badge. (It'll double as a name tag, making it easier to meet people.)

So come mingle. Meet Scott Sheppard, and Deborah Shadovitz — book/magazine author & instructor. Meet our main benefactor, Larry O'Connor and his Other World Computing team. Meet folks like the Editor-in-Chief and staff of MacAddict, also a sponsor. Chat with authors like Shelly Brisbin, Andy Ihnatko, and Toby Malina. Hang with the folks behind some of your favorite software, like Adobe's web support folks and our sponsor's teams, Lorene Romero of the Apple User Group Advisory board and many more who are bringing questions and prizes for our trivia contest.

Come to a party where the focus is on talking and getting to know us, not on trying to yell over loud music. No sore throats or having to stand out in the cold to have a conversation. The lounge's atrium provides a cozy atmosphere. A live pianist will provide ambiance for part of the evening and if you'd like to make a request we'll welcome impromptu performances. And there may be other (unloud) music as well.

Come test your Mac industry knowledge in a trivia contest complete with prizes.
We've got the support of many vendors in this!

We also invite you to meet up with others on popular email lists. You can arrange to identify each other with a colored sticker of some sort. For example, Deb's on the GoLive Talk list so she's arranged stickers for her fellow list members.

Come eat, drink and be merry. The lounge's bar will be staffed for a no-host bar complete with drink specials so you can enjoy fun drinks at great prices. The kind folks at Other World Computing and Mac Addict immediately offered to sponsor food platters, along with a bunch more cool vendors helping fill your bellies. Additionally, the hotel's sports bar will be open so you can buy a late night dinner or snack while enjoying our company.

We're very excited about creating this party — which has primarily been planned via iChatAV, by the way. Other World Computing's Larry O'Conner invited Deb to voice chat saying, "I love that anyone is welcome and that it's so close to Moscone. What can I do to help?" MacAddict and some of our favorite software and hardware friends didn't miss a beat expressing interest in a party where they can meet people outside of work time. Oz Barron, an ACN (Apple Consultant Network member) out of Boston, volunteered to sponsor us as soon as he heard. And in the space of 2 days our sponsor numbers grew quickly. We even discovered that the hotel's helpful Food & Beverage manager is also a new Mac owner, so he's joining us as Mac folk. (Everyone at the hotel has been great.)

The sponsor list is ever-growing. Sponsors include:
Other World Computing — Making Macs Faster Macs for over 15 years! — Fast, Affordable, Internet Access Just for Macs!
Avondale Media
Friends of User Groups
MacAddict magazine
MacMice — cool stuff for the Mac workspace
Micromat — help with your Macs out of the Boston area
O'Reilly & Associates
OutSpring Software
The Daemon News

So here's the recap for you to cut, paste, and bring to San Francisco...

The Party For The People

San Francisco, CA

Thursday, January 8th, 2004 from 8pm until the gig gets the best of you.

To meet and socialize. To get to know us, and others, personally. Because we want to meet you. Because the hotel is so beautiful we love hanging out there. Because of the generosity of some great vendors.

Just show up wearing your Macworld badge. All Macworld Expo attendees are welcome.
There will be a cash bar. We'll have snacks and appetizers for you.
And the hotel's Sports Bar also has food for sale.

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