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Every once in a while I'm asked for a quote about something Mac, or someone picks up on something from one of my articles. Here are a few Mac-related interview results.

Women's Day magazine 2006LA Times 1996LA Daily News 1996

Quoted in Women's Day magazine

On Sept 1, 2006, Women's Day ran a 2-page feature entitled The Power of an Hour, written by author Scott Westcott. A single side bar quotes two ideas. I'm at the top of that side bar quoted for a tip about getting fresh air and exercise by taking my iPod with me for a walk and listening to a few select industry-related podcasts, which I download for free.

Interviewed on MacRadio

For the release of OS X 10.3, Panther, MacRadio asked to interview a Mac Addict editor and I was picked to do the interview. However, this interview, done on 10/24/03, is no longer archived on their site.

Quoted in the LA Times

On Feb 5, 1996, Gil Amelio started his first day as CEO of Apple Computer and the LA Times decided to write about it. When their writer asked around for a local Mac community leader I was recommended, as I learned when she phoned me for an interview.

I was asked what I thought Gil Amelio should do. I was excited about Dr. Amelio taking on this position, and had faith that he could do the job without my advice. But I did have a strong vision of what was needed, so I responded happily.

This is the center of the article. It's a good article. Someday I may post the rest.
Note: In this headline, the writer was implying that Apple (not Gil) was not the Apple of our eyes.

By the way, Gil Amelio did become the Apple of my eye. I was proud to know him and have his personal recognition. He was just what the company needed at that time.


Quoted in the LA Daily News

Shortly after the LA Times interviewed and quoted me the LA Daily News phoned.

The writer asked if I thought Apple was going out of business and whether I'd recommend people buy a Mac because Apple was said to be having a firesale of sorts, or wouldn't recommend people risk buying because Apple may soon be gone.

I said I recommend Macs because they're the best — and that I didn't believe the Mac could go away because users wouldn't let it. (Fortunately, Gil Amelio also wasn't about to let it go away.) I did my best to get her to see that her permise was off. From the article, it doesn't appear that I influenced her, but I did. :)

Anyway, here's the article:


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