Looking for something on my site — or sites?

I've done my best to organzine my site and keep link names clear. However, sometimes it's simply easier to do a search for a word or phrase. And sometimes what you seek may be on one of my other sites.

This Google powered search field is set to search only my pages here at By using the radio button below it though, you can search my other Mac/Web sites too, or even search the entire web.

Bear in mind that you'll have a better chance of finding what you seek if you seek words rather than long phrases.

For example, search for "bus" or "Wall Street" rather than "express bus to wall street from queens ny." Or, try "bus, New York" for a bus in New York and "bus, angeles" for a bus in Los Angeles. You don't need the quote marks in the field below.



I'm also checking out Ask's search. There is no customization to search only my site, but I want to see how it does anyay.



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