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Wondering whether this book is for you?

I asked several people what to say here. The response I liked best is: "These are not just a couple of web design jerks providing bogus tips, but the real and hard core, best known Adobe GoLive users on this planet." But perhaps this list, compiled by some of the contributors, is more descriptive.

  • Learn GoLive basics to advanced features and beyond...
  • Covers Web 101, HTML and Graphics instruction too
  • Logicial, Descriptive and Intuitive with lots of screen shots
  • Full explanations combined with step-by-step walk throughs
  • Hot Tips and Side bars from top web-design professionals
  • Learn: Page and Site Design, Smart Objects, Save for Web, tables, mouseovers, CCS, DHTML, Floating Boxes, QuickTime Editing, Site Management, FTP
  • Power-packed CD with book samples, freebies and helpful demos!

Wondering how one person wrote over 1200 fact-packed pages?

Actually, I didn't. Check out the Acknowledgements link (top masthead) to see who helped with this massive project. The GoLive-using community is amazing. Any time I asked someone to verify something I'd written, the verification/corrections came back with a note that he/she would be happy to help in any way. Each of the people who helped with this book started out as a stranger, but ended up a great friend. You can meet the GoLive 5 Bible team on my Faces Behind the Book page.

Wondering about the CD?

This is not your ordinary CD. This one is chock full of materials you can actually use to build your site— much of it fully original and not commonly available. This is not a full list of the CD's contents; just a list of the stuff you can use on your site (as opposed to stuff that makes life on your computer easier).

  • 3 FREE Form Actions custom-written by OUT Media Design GmbH available ONLY ON the GoLive 5 Bible CD!!! (You can't buy them anywhere and if you're creating a form you'll love these Actions.)
  • Amazing original art by Paul Bradforth, artist and web designer. These are pieces you can use on your site.
  • Original Digital Photo Themes photos, by Bob Ludlow, ready for you to use on the web.
  • Original backgrounds created just for the book by Mark Jaress, "Digerati Extraordinaire" because “GoLive Rocks!”
  • Two original backgrounds by me, including the one used on this site.
  • Royalty-free photo objects, provided by PhotoSpin Inc. for your use.
  • Web Spice clip art by DeMorgan Industries Corporation.
  • Actions by Matt Ridley. (You can download Matt's Actions from his site too, but he let me put them on the CD for your convenience.
  • Original music by Frèderic Berti, musician and web designer. (Okay, you can't actually use this music on your site without permission, but it's great music to design by. It kept me going during long book-writing sessions and we wanted to share it with you.)
  • Demo of the GoLive 5 CatalogBuilder kit, an intuitive e-commerce front end for Adobe GoLive 5.0 and the CatalogBuilder shopping cart. To learn more about this product, see AppendixD: Understanding the E-commerce Puzzle.
  • Demo of Document Express Pro — an e-mail response-management system that doesn’t require a Web-hosted database. It’s a marketing center, enabling you to create Web forms to collect customer feedback, automate e-mail responses to your customers, To learn more about it, see AppendixD: Understanding the E-commerce Puzzle.

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