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Tips for Using GoLive

Sticky Button Update for GoLive 6

If you are using OUTactions' Rollover Control to do Locked Button Rollovers (aka Sticky Buttons) please NOTE this! In GoLive 6, if your rollovers are IN A COMPONENT you no longer check in Component in the head action's setup of the Lock Rollover in Frame that goes on the Component's page.

Adding Line Breaks in JavaScript

The Open Alert Window action enables you to create a custom message that appears in the brower's alert window. But when you enter your message in the Actions palette, the message appears as one long paragraph in which the brower controls the text wrapping. You can create a new line though, if you know this trick.

To move text down to a new line, simply type a slash and the letter n after the last character of the first line and before the first character of the next line - without any spaces.

For example:
This alert has no new line.
This alert has a break at the end of

overly wide?

Hiya!\nHowya doin?

The '\n' makes a new line.

Ken Martin

Using ImageReady to create rollovers

If you use ImageReady to create rollovers, do not use the "GoLive" code option if you have installed the NN6 fix. It will write the old-style code. Or, use it, but once in GoLive, open the page the rollovers are on, then in the Page Inspector's HTML tab, under the JavaScript functions option, toggle the option then toggle it back again. This causes GoLive to rewrite the code. (This should not apply to animations created in IR. Just rollovers.)

(Rob Keniger: big bang solutions, & Oliver Zahorka, OUT Media Design, May 27)

A caution to avoid problems

NEVER open documents that are part of a site from the Finder. GoLive cannot resolve the relative links so it reverts them to local (file) links. This doesn't always happen but it happens often enough. (In other words, always open the Site Window, then double-click the file from within the Files tab of the Site Window.)

(From Rob Keniger: big bang solutions May, 2001)

How will your site look at 640x480?

Wonder how much of your page will be visible to users on a 640x480 monitor? With a multisynch monitor you can switch resolutions to check, but that can wrak havoc on your desktop. Thankfully, Porter Glendinning provides an online alternative, offering you his 640x480 Test Frame. I loved discovering this!
(Actually, I planned to put it in my book, but somehow overlooked it. Well, 1200 pages can get confusing to recall fully.)

Quotes, apostrophes, inches & feet

GoLive is very smart about what you type in Layout mode. What you see is what GoLive translates into code. I tell you this in the book, Chapter 8 - under Using Special Text Characters. But here I'll make these particular marks clearer.

Other Special Characters

Since I wrote the book, adobe released more versions of the GoLive SDK - complete with samples. One very helpful sample is an extension called “Key Map.” You install it just like any other extension - by dragging it into the Extend Scripts folder within the Modules folder. After you relaunch GoLive you'll find Key Map under the Window menu. Clicking any charactere in this map places that character wherever the cursor is flashing within your page.
Personally, I still prefer PopChar (a Mac utility) for this function, but Key Map is free and can be very handy. (I never found a Windows equivalent.)

Spell Check bug solutions

A few users have found the spelling feature doesn't launch, while some others have experience crashing. Fortunately, there are simple fixes for these bugs.

  • If Edit -> Check Spelling doesn't launch the spell check window, do a Custom sinstallation to install the feature.
  • If you crash upon clicking Start, uncheck the "From Top" option in the Check Spelling window before clicking Start.

(posted 3/6/2001)

Note: I love and rely heavily on Spell Catcher for many things, but unfortunately, when Spell Catcher pastes its corrections into a GoLive page all formatting (including paragraph and line breaks) is lost. Casady & Greene knows about this and is working on it. Additionally, they are aware of problems with GoLive and Grammarian and are working this too.
(posted 5/5/2001)

Cleaning up supplied HTML pages

If you have been supplied an HTML page that was created by another person or in another software application and you find that the code is not formatted well (for instance, the code might be in upper case and the indentation might be all over the place), GoLive can help. Simply choose Rewrite Source Code from the Special menu and GoLive will use its own formatting settings to lay out the code.
Should you wish to alter the standard settings, go to Edit -> Web Settings and you can ensure your pages will be formatted just the way you like them.
Be careful, though — if you have pages that contain server-side code (e.g. ColdFusion, Lasso, ASP or PHP code) rewriting the source code can very occasionally cause minor problems. Make sure you have a backup! (This tip comes from Rob Keniger, of big bang web design and development, frequent contributor to the book.)

Need to publish info from a database?

Check out WebMerge, a tool by FourthWorld Media Corporation created specifically to extract information from your database and generate static web pages. WebMerge 1.0 is already helping many people and the newest version, now in public beta, offers new automation features to integrate even more closely with your workflow! Generated pages can be hosted on any Web server without the need for a specialized database hosting solution. It works with just about any database, including FileMaker Pro and Microsoft Access. And, by the way, FourthWorld's Richard Gaskin happens to be the GoLive 5 Bible's Technical Editor.

Real Estate Saver

Take advantage of GoLive's tearable palettes by organizing your palettes so they best fit your workflow. Here's one of my new favorites: I love WinSwitcher's functionality (noted under the GoLive Additions link) but my PowerBook doesn't have room for another palette. To take advantage of WinSwitcher, with no real estate cost, I dragged the WinSwitcher tab into the Objects palette window. (Since one cannot switch windows and choose objects from the Objects palette at the same time, this is a handy match.) The two match very well too. Because they are approximately the same size, switching between them doesn't cause palette overlap. {Wondering about the Color tab? I tear that off and close it. It opens when needed and because it is separate, opens in its own space. Of course, you can have all 3 tabs share the palette.}

Dynamic Link

Brian Sooy's (unofficial) Dynamic Link guide is chock full of tips and solutions to some common (and not-so-common) problems and challenges.

Style Sheets

Headings Timesaver

When creating styles based on headings tags, you don't have to bother to create more than one element selector. Simply create your first element tag (click New Selector, then name it h1), then click the Duplicate button. Your next element automatically comes in as h2. Need an h3 selector? Just click the Duplicate button again...and again....

Eric Meyer's Style SheetReference Guide now includes IE 5.5 for Mac and NN 6.0. Check out the Master List for a great overview.

Setting the look of a URL pop-up menu

Using a Style Sheet you can set the look of GoLive's URL pop-up menu. In your Style Sheet, add a selector called "select." Then style away. (Thanks to Mads Rasmussen for starting me on this.) For example, use it to determine the menu's font and size. Color sets the initial color shown, but when the user clicks the menu, the options may appear in black. Use Block to override the width of the menu. Background sets the color of the menu. The results will not be visible in all browsers though. You can see these settings on the home page of this site. Red text (Trebuchet or Geneva), width matches the width of the book icon.

NOTE: Using Border to set the outside border of the pop-up broke the menu in Netscape 4.x.

(posted 3/31/2001)


Using Pseudo classes to create multiple link colors on a page

Mads Rasmussen, of Rasmussens Design, has written an excellent tutorial, complete with screen shots and explainations, that will take you right through this technique. He's got it all covered.

Previewing a Closed Page

In the book I tell you about using the Preview In Browser button on the Toolbar when the page is open, but I think I overlooked telling you that this button also works without first opening the page. Simply select the page within the Files tab of the Site Window, then click the button. Additionally, instead of using the button, you can press Command-T (Mac) or Control+T (Windows). Either way, this only works one page at a time, so if you have multiple pages selected nothing will happen.

Need to publish info from a database?

Check out WebMerge, a tool by FourthWorld Media Corporation created specifically to extract information from your database and generate static web pages. Its automation features integrate with your workflow. Generated pages can be hosted on any Web server without the need for a specialized database hosting solution. It works with just about any database, including FileMaker Pro and Microsoft Access. And, by the way, FourthWorld's Richard Gaskin happens to be the GoLive 5 Bible's Technical Editor.


Want to make your site accessible to as many people as possible? A person doesn't have to be able to see in order to use your site - if you create it properly. The Adobe GoLive Bible is written with accessibility in mind, pointing out issues and things you can do. Chapter 4 also lists resources. Here are some more links for you to follow directly.

Other GoLive websites that may help you

GoLive Heaven (English) The original hub for the GoLive community.

Adobe® Golive™ Tipps & Tricks (German/Deutsche) By Dirk H. Levy.

CYB (French)

GoLive User Group Italia (Italian) — Not just a website, but a full user group and email list.

ActionExt (English) — Search for Extensions & Actions by topic. By Didier Laget.

GoLive 911 (English) — a collection of links to help solve problems and to sharpen skills. By Eric Martin.

Adobe Xchange - Not just GoLive. Other Adobe software as well. By Adobe.

GoLive 6 Tips by the Teach Yourself GoLive 6 in 24 Hours folks.

If you know of any helpful GoLive sites, especially non-English, please

GoLive Discussion Forums

Wondering about legal issues?

  • Attorney Ivan Hoffman has a lot of information for content providers, writers, etc. There's a section of articles for web site designers and site owners.
  • You'll also find some helpful articles at the site of law firm, Squadron Ellenoff. (My friend Michael Leventhal is a parter there.) There's a section of Articles, so here are the ones under their Internet, New Media & Computers articles link.
  • The HTML Writers Guild page of Copyright and trademark related links. (Actually, it has a whole section on Financial, marketing aspects of running an HTML shop just one click up from the legal page.
  • Attourney Scott Fine, who participates on a few email lists too, has a few articles up at his firm's site's. That's the Fine Hummel, P.C. library section.
  • Another legal site that was recommended on an email list is I can't speak for its content or attourneys first-hand though. They also offer an occasional newsletter called the Cyberlaw Informer.

Wondering how to create videos for your site?

Photographer Ken Stone's Final Cut Pro pages are chock full of excellent articles about all types of digital video information. Not just about using FCP, but also about using Adobe After Effects, setting up a Mac to do digital video, and even how to shoot. There are also software reviews. These articles are done by some of the best video people in LA.

The LA Final Cut Pro web site also has some excellent articles. For example, From Final Cut Pro to the Web, written by Ken Stone, posted May 2001. There's a helpful online forum there too. (It's PHP driven, in case you're wondering.) And, of course, if you live in LA, you're welcome at this very helpful and friendly user group. (Many thanks to Michael Horton for building and running this great group.)


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