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Welcome to — the companion site to the Adobe GoLive 5 Bible. I'm Deborah Shadovitz, author of the book and keeper of this site.

the Adobe GoLive 5 Bible cover
I created this site to provide you with information about the book, and any updates or corrections that may be needed.

Book Status update - April 2002/June 2003
The GoLive 5 Bible has been out for over a year now. Over this time I've been amazed at the response and the great words that have come from so many readers. I, and the other GoLive Experts who helped with this book, are proud and happy to have helped so many people create websites or extend their skills to create better and better sites. I'm also rather happy that so many folks have noticed lack of a GoLive 6 Bible announcement.

Unfortunately, at the time we needed to do the GL 6 book, the publisher was working out a purchase by John Wiley & Sons and the subsequent team integration. By the time the new team was ready to run with a book of this magnitude, it was just not viable. So please take a look at the other GL books out there, keep using this book, and take advantage of GL's built in help and discussion lists.

I'm working on another book project that will include GoLive books. It's called LaunchPad Books.

People are asking..
"Can the GL 5 Bible still teach me GoLive?"

That's a hard call for me to make. I think it certainly can. But it can't tell you about the HTML markup tree at the bottom of your GL pages, the new location of the CSS palette for applying classes, etc. (And I really cannot reply to tons of emails asking me about that stuff.) So, feel free to try the GoLive 5 Bible, if you're game to call upon GL's built-in Help and your cronnies on the GoLive discussion forums for backup. Truth is, I always recommend you use thosse resources anyway.

Does this site have information about GoLive 6?

Adding info about everything new to GoLive 6 would be... well, a GoLive 6 Bible. My Tips section points you to online GoLive 6 resources.

What people are saying about the book

"Adobe Golive is more than a program; it's an experience. There are so many features that to list them all could take more time than to make a basic web site. With any program of this magnitude, one is faced with a problem: should one spend the time to learn how to do it right--and save time because you are creating the web site efficiently, or should you not use all the features and save time because you are not taking time learning how to use the program. Fortunately, there is another alternative, and that's to let Deborah Shadovitz teach you how to use the program efficiently in much less time than it could possibly take by yourself. This way you get the best of both worlds."
{There's more - and it got 5 stars. Visit AppleLinks to read the rest.}
       ~Gary Coyne, for AppleLinks - July 2001

"When [on the GoLive Talk list] I requested help about using the new GL5 site design feature, I guess I didn't know how to ask the right questions. But when going through the archives I came upon Deborah Shadovitz' new book Adobe GoLive 5 Bible and found that it contained a chapter on site design. I ran out to my local bookstore and purchased a copy.
It is the clearest and easiest to understand explanation as well as instruction on GL5 Site Design. Thanks, Deborah and even though I have only read Chapters 28 and 29, it was well worth the price and I have 28 chapters left to cover."
        ~Tanya Metaksa - March 11, 2001

"Deborah redefines the word 'comprehensive' - going well beyond what any manual sets out to do. She details how, when and why to use GoLive's abundant feature set with explanation, instruction, examples, historical insights, undocumented notes, plus a wealth of tips from the experts. Deborah writes in an easy, accessible, real-world logical flow, revealing how the pros approach, conceive and build a web site — from storyboard to page design, HTML, graphics, multi-media, interactivity to FTP and publishing online." 
        ~Steven Shmerler,

"I've spent some time between trying to earn a living today browsing the book and I'm gobsmacked (does that translate across the pond?) at the detail. I think I'll have to be careful not to skip bits thinking 'I know that already' cos I suspect there will be gems of information everywhere. I know your book isn't a manual but Adobe could do well to have this as a build to order option with GoLive."
        ~Steve Thomas -, January 24, 2001

And posted at January 22, 2001 with 5 stars (Amazing):
A book written superbly by an outstanding writer. As I read the book, Deborah managed to answer every question I had, leaving me to wonder if she really is a mind reader. She is meticulous in her thought process and detailed in her explanations. She doesn't write to her readers, she speaks to them. I felt as though she was sitting next me while I created each section of my website.
As Siskel and Ebert would say: "TWO THUMBS UP."
        ~Reviewer: Angela Nitkin

Wondering about this site's design?

  • I created the monitors using Illustrator and Photoshop, slicing them in ImageReady. The background texture was done in Photoshop.
  • At that point I showed the rough idea of a side and top bar to Sheri & Mario Salinas, A few hours later, they surprised me with this design. (They're quite a team! And great people too.)
  • The side buttons are sticky; when you click one, its rollover state remains intact, so you know what section of the site you're in. They were created using the Lock Rollover by OUT Media Design.
  • Each page uses three GoLive Components. The side navbar (component) and item below it are on a grid because without the grid the search form moved up next to the buttons in Netscape. The grid enables them to align properly.

Contact me

If like to hire me to speak to or teach your group or to work on your website please visit But please don't ask for free consulting because that's just not fair. This book contains all the know-how you need to use GoLive. It's up to you to apply that knowledge. If you have questions, feature comments, or things to work out, please post them to the User to User Forums.

This page was last updated Feb 2004 with modifications in 2012 but as GoLive is not developed any longer, the site is no longer kept up.


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