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For several years I have presented two seminars I created, called Mac 101 & Mac 102, at Macworld Expo under the MacBeginnings banner. Each time, I've been asked to do an expanded version and take it on the road. The same thing has happened each time I have done a Mac presentation for user groups or other trade shows. And I've had a lot of requests for a class on OS X. I've also long been asked to do Mac events in a central downtown location in LA.

So, here ya go!

Deb Shadovitz Presents...

Introduction to Macintosh OS X: a seminar
...for upgraders, new mac users, switchers, and potential switchers.

This seminar will give you a fast basic understanding of what the Mac is and how it works. From there I'll go on to give you an excellent foundation for everyday usage with efficiency in mind every step of the way. We'll cover both basics and power user tricks..

You will learn things like:

  • What's inside a Mac
  • How to care for your Mac
  • Terminology
  • How to efficiently access programs
  • How to efficiently save the documents you create so you can easily access them later on
  • What Disk images are & how they work
  • About multiple users
  • Installing Fonts
  • Printing
  • Sharing files on your network
  • Seeing you iDisk (for .Mac account holders)
  • Facts & tips about Hard Drive care
  • Using a Bluetooth mouse (thanks to MacAlly)
  • Ink (thanks to MacAlly)
  • More

Some people have commented that this sounds very basic. It is — because I have heard from so many people that they don't really understand OS X yet, or they are not fully comfortable within it. This class is designed to provide a solid foundation and, if you were a 7/8/9 user, put you back to that comfort level. Clarity and understanding for new-comers will not be at the cost of upgraders.

What: Introduction to Macintosh OS X: a seminar for upgraders,
new Mac users, switchers, and potential switchers.

Next dates:
Sat, August 28th from 10am - 3pm
There will be a 1/2 - 1 hour lunch break and 5-10 minute breaks as requested.

Sept 18th from 10am - 3pm
There will be a 1/2 - 1 hour lunch break and 5-10 minute breaks as requested.

Where: The Davidson Executive Conference Center at USC
3415 South Figueroa Street
Los Angeles, California 90089-0871
This is at the corner of Figueroa and Jefferson. There is a door on Figueroa (across from parking lot T) and a door on the campus side (across from the closest parking structure. Directions here.

Cost: $49 in advance ($59 at the door)
Yes, this is a very low fee for such a class. I was asked to do classes that were affordable like the old LAMG classes I did. Those were $49 for members so that's what I'm working to keep these classes at for everyone.

Parking: There are 3 parking options, all safe.
2 USC parking structures, both right there - $6 per day.
Lot T, which is on Figueroa at Jefferson - $4 per day - if it's open.
Meters on Jefferson and on Figueroa - 25¢/hour.

Food: If you'd like to bring lunch, you may eat during the hourly breaks. There are several fast food places just a few blocks walk.

The Sizzler right across the street has generously offered us a special $5.99 Salad Bar pirce so those who would like can join me there for a continuing discussion through lunch. I'll give you all the secret code during class.

Facility Notes: Seats are all extra wide to fit our wide American bodies comfortably. Elevators and ramps are conveniently placed to easily handle wheelchairs. Restrooms are accessible to all.

BYOM: If you'd like to bring your PowerBook along, you can follow along or experiment during breaks. This is not a hands-on class so it'll go faster than you may go, but having your Mac with you may still be helpful. Tables will be provided. Mark Hartman, certified ACN, will be on hand to help out.

What others have said about this class

  • Just a note to tell you that I thoroughly enjoyed your introductory course to OS X. It was like a good movie that you would like to see over and over again because of important gems....
  • Just wanted to let you know that both Sue and I enjoyed the class Saturday. Both of us walked away with more information and Sue with a desire to get into her Mac more and me wanting to purchase a new one. I'm still going to wait until 2005, though I am so hungry to use OS X.
  • Great OSX presentation today....I will be re-reading my notes tomorrow, along with the handouts. One useful tidbit I learned from you today.... I hope you were able to convince the Windows user in today's group into deserting from the "other side."

Sponsorship & Prizes

Thanks to PeachPit Press, we've got a book or two for lucky winners.
Thanks to MacAlly for making Bluetooth and Ink lessons possible.


  • To pay by check, with your contact info.
    I'll save you a spot and send you mailing info.

Concerned about how your family can spend the day?

There's plenty very nearby for them to enjoy.


If you have a concern or question, please

I also invite you to write to me if you have a request for another class topic. Be sure to let me know the number of people who seriously want this class and provide any preferred dates and times.

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