Hi. I'm Deborah Shadovitz. Friends, clients, fellow travelers, and readers call me Deb.

If you're interested in my travels, read my blog, Tales Of Travel And Tech


Friends have always teased, "Deb's out to change the world" — and it's true.
I share tech skills —  particularly Macintosh and web — making computers easy for people so they can achieve their own betterments. I write about great experiences you can have, family activities, things that make lives better.

I'm a writer/author, speaker, instructor, consultant, and radio person — specializing in Macintosh, Internet, Web design/use/UI, and travel. I've even produced Macintosh events in LA and during Macworld — and produced my own Macintosh expo!

My main goal is to enjoy life and the word and to inspire people to get out into the world. True travel connects you to the world spiritually and intellectually in ways that nothing else can!

Deb's Tales of Travel and Tech Stick girl logoBack in LA after 4 1/2 years of travel...

Note to Travel Editors and Travel Publicists

I traveled the world solo for 3 years living out of a backpack learning about other people's lives and cultures back in my 20s. Then, in 2011 I took up traveling again. In 2012 I backpacked Central America from the Yucatan to Panama — again living out of a backpack for a year. However, this time I traveled with tech and continued to work as I did. Then I lived in various parts of Los Angeles and Austin Texas before heading out again. I just returned from 1.5 years in the Balkan and Baltic States as well as Israel.

I travelled like this before pagers, cell phones, and personal computers. Now I travel with tech and lack thereof. I discuss the tech I adopt and/or discover on Computer Talk Radio weekly — and can write about or report about this experiece for you as well.

If you're an Editor in search of unique stories from a proven, reliable author who brings experience and wise perspectives, feel free to reach out to me. I am open to assignments — travel info, essays...

Next Speaking Gigs

Just in time for summer vaction travel...
Tips for traveling with technology

SMOG — an official Mac User Group dedicated to helping Mac users

Saturday June 11, 2016
9 a.m. to noon
Costa Mesa, CA

More info at:

Computer Talk Radio,
Syndicated over-the-air.
I am on a break from this.
Normally, ongoing, weekly.
Info at
Podcast version can be heard by clicking a link to the right of any show note.

My Speaking schedule page.

And now, some of what I do....

Radio & Public Speaking:

  • You can hear me on the air weekly on Computer Talk Radio if you're in one of our markets. It's a nationally syndicated radio program with computer nerd Benjamin Rockwell. (Some more about my Computer Talk Radio segments here. The show is also typically online at
  • I've been speaking to groups about the Mac, websites, internet use and more for many years as well. If you need a dynamic speaker for any of these topics, lets talk, especially now as I am already traveling.
  • For some years, I was a Mac expert on Jeff Levy's Computer show in Los Angelese and helped with segments behind the scenes. You can hear some of my radio segments on my speaker page.
  • If you want to be inspired to travel the world, I'm your person — and I am available for speaking engagements!

An appeal...

Please consider helping a hard working person who can use a leg up. Kiva's micro loans are the perfect way to help.
When it's repaid, you can loan it again, and again.
It´s so easy and it is exciting!
I have been giving to people in countries that I visit or plan to visit.

Make a $25 micro loan and help change lives.

Web Design and Web site Authoring:

A website isn't much help if the right people can't find it or if visitors can't quickly see what your site offers them. Frankly, I'm rather unique in that I can design a clear user interface, write clean SEO-effective code, write copy that's right for a website as opposed to any other medium, and format the pages for the best search results. If you already have a site, you can still benefit from the expertise I provide.People do find that my tweaks brought their sites into top positions for relevant searchs.

Freelance writing:

Because of my web expertise, I have been writing reveiws of web software. I write about other Macintosh software as well. I link to some of my Macworld magazine reviews on my author page. I'm available to write about just about anything, as long as it's a legitimate issue or product. If you need a great writer, let's talk.

Editor-in-Chief of Lifestyle Magazine:

After years of writing only about Mac and Web, I went back to a bit of travel and other writing. This is the magazine for which I did a stint as Editor in 2009. My first issues and articles:

I’ve been asked to have a donation button for those who'd like to thank me for something learned here or for other help I’ve given. So, if I’ve helped you and you’d like to say thank you in this way, I’d be honored.


  • Mac Mingle (originally Party For The People) — my Macworld Expo party. I broke the mold by creating the first free, open to all badge-holders party. People thought I was crazy when I created this party but I had faith in my fellow Mac users. The party turned out to be a huge success. (I am no longer producing this party but, happily for the Macintosh community, others copied the idea.)
  • MacDayLA — a one-day Mac event (on hold due to the price of gas in LA and my travels).
  • The MacGathering™ — a full-fledged Apple/Macintosh event. Custom-designed top-notch seminars & classes, plus unique social happenings. However, I put this Mac event on hold due to the economy/price of gas, and now my travels.

How do contact me (updated January '16):

I no longer have a landline.
I gave up my old AT&T cell number due to roaming fees.

  • Send me an email — deb at this domain.
    I am not online 24 hours a day so have old-fashioned patience.
  • Use WhatsApp.
    You will see me on it if you have my Google Voice # in your address book.
    It enables us to text for free and across counties, without having a cell phone number. (It also sends voice notes, photos, video and does group chats.)
    Note: it is now owned by facebook so don't send very personal info with it.
  • Call or text my Google Voice mail.
    If you know my GV#, just dial or text.
    If not... as Flash has been discountinued I'm not sure. You'll need my number.
    Speaking very clearly, leave me a detailed message, but this is Google so don't get too personal.
    Be sure to leave your # and email address.
    When online, I'll see your words as text and can listen to your message. If you don't leave a message I will not call you back.
    When I am in the USA, this forwards to my current cell phone.
  • Vonaage Mobile App — If you have it too, you can call me app to app for free - just like talking on your phone. Again, this uses my GoogleVoice #.
    (When I call you from it, I call your regular phone and you see my GV#)
  • Viber — Another VOIP app, it lets us call app to app for free. I don't use it to call out though.
  • Skype: DSShadovitz — but clearly identify yourself in your request. I also use Skype to call out to people in countries other than you the USA.
  • In Central America I also used Voxer but it's not in my regular bag of tricks now, just because I have too many methods at once.

So what can you do on this website?

  • Get to know me through the Deborah and Travel menus on the left.
  • Contact me to write about travel, whether luxury or budget. I have stayed at and written about the Ritz Carlton in Laguna Beach, visited mountain lodges and written about traveling to and staying at them, and also have a unique backpack travel perspective. Not many American women travel the world alone — as I did for 3 years in the pre-email years — and have been doing for 4 1/2 years again now.
  • Learn about me as a speaker. I can talk about many things tech including what comprises a great website, teach at your event, or help your company with Mac or word processing efficiency.
  • Invite me to write about computer use.
    For years, I wrote about aspects of computer use making it understandable in ways that most people don't. People said that reading my books/articles is like having me standing over their shoulder explaining it. I'm not doing much of this though, since I started traveling again.
  • Invite me to write about something else.
    I'm flexible and I'll be honest about whether I can do a great job for you.
  • Contact me as an expert for your news piece or feature.
    The Los Angeles Times and Los Angeles Daily News have. I've also been mentioned in Women's Day magazine. See the places I have been quoted.
  • Developers — contact me to check out or comment about your product.
    Many vendors have benefitted from my UI reviews. I also write or advise on manuals.
  • Expand your Macintosh computer knowledge.
  • Learn about world travel or about visiting LA.

I'm proud that my brother, David Shadovitz, is co-developer of Exam Professor, an online exam application that won the prestigous Adobe Site of the Day award a while back.

If you need an online quiz or test, check it out!

Looking for my brother, David Shadovitz, the ColdFusion software engineer and bicycle mechanic?
You can reach him via this link.
Looking for another Shadovitz?
Chances are, he/she is a relative,
so send me a note to forward.

Thanks for visiting
~ Deborah ("Deb")

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